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Ice Cream Boardflip II Close-Ups

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Ice Cream Boardflip Blue Pink Black

I have nothing to add about these since my last post on them… Click the pic above to make it just a lil’ bit bigger.

Image from Lions Den LA.


Ice Cream Boardflip II

I HAVE MOVED TO BLOGGER! Please visit my new site.

These are looking real fresh…

Ice Cream Boardflip II

The one thing I didn’t like about the original Boardflip is where the Ice Cream icon (the ice cream cone and bones, in this case) was placed. I think this style is much, much better, with the icon on the heel. The only thing I worry about with these is how two-tone versions will look. Looks like maybe the white and green ones have some other accents, but they’re not visible.

Anyway, these shoes embody what I really like about Ice Cream: Simple, fresh design that still manages to push the limits of style through color. Nice work on these, Pharrell (!).

Image via Sneakers N Stuff.

Prefer the original? Prefer to avoid Ice Creams altogether? Prefer to leave a comment?

BBC Ice Cream Season 3 Lookbook, Pt. 2

For some reason or another, lumberjack shirts are coming back into fashion. Indeed, it looks like the early 90’s are exerting their influence on the fashion world. I can’t say I mind… I wonder what Kurt Cobain would think about this piece on the right, though?

I happen to like it quite a bit. The BBC/Ice Cream stuff I’ve been interested in has always struck me with its simplicity. There’s really not much to
this, but I think the pastel red and green, Easter-meets-Christmas color scheme is pretty dope. I’m sure it’s nice and warm, too.

I suppose I like this sweatshirt for the same reason I like the lumberjack. It’s an extraordinarily simple yet bold design. The colors, while bright, really aren’t imposing or overwhelming… They look good. There is another page in the lookbook with a girl wearing one of these with black and gray stripes, and that doesn’t look too bad either. Wonder if it comes in men’s sizes?

Images from BBC Season 3 Lookbook.

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BBC Ice Cream Season 3 Lookbook, Pt. 1

Well, well, well… It looks like BBC Ice Cream recently updated their website with a treat of a lookbook. Couple of interesting pieces in this one…

Green Cashmere Cotton Full-Zip

I did a double-take when I first saw that green joint; at first I thought it was cardigan and I was super-stoked because cardigans are dope and I just purchased one yesterday. Unfortunately for my cardigan-loving ass, it’s actually a cashmere blend zip-up. But, really, there’s nothing unfortunate about cashmere. Ever.

This next piece is an example of a piece where the value truly lies within the details. I saw this and thought to myself, “Pharrell, you’ve gone too far… Taking a piece of hunting equipment that I could normally buy in any sporting goods store for $50, throwing your name on it, and pushing it for $400? This is just too much.” BUT! If you look close (and I mean real close, you might need to dig around the site for other pictures), you’ll see bears and astronauts peeking out from behind the trees. With that realization, I went from a state of disgust to a state where I had a cute little smile on my face.

I will probably post part 2 later this afternoon.

Images from BBC Season 3 Lookbook.