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Nike Safari Pack Part II (Court Force Hi, Dunk Low, Air Max 1)

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Nike Safari Pack Part II 2 Court Force Hi

Nike Safari Pack Part II 2 Dunk Low

Nike Safari Pack Part II 2 Air Max 1

Remember when I said that I thought the Court Force Hi is one of Nike’s best shoes? Well, it looks like I’m an idiot. They are clearly the worst of this abomination of a pack, and the Dunks and Air Maxes aren’t much better. At least they only use two (three, if you’re being technical) and one animal prints, respectively, and exhibit some sort of unity.

Images from atmos, tipped off by High Snobiety.


Nike Dunk Low Khaki/White Ostrich Skin

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Nike Dunk Khaki/White Wood Ostrich Overview

There’s really not too much to say about these. Apparently they are going by the nickname “Wood”—only God knows why, since they’re clearly ostrich—and they’re only a sample so far. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing these go into production, they are looking pretty fresh and very wearable… Take notice of the double-layered swoosh.

Nike Dunk Khaki/White Wood Ostrich Side View Nike Dunk Khaki/White Wood Ostrich Detail Heel

Nike Dunk Khaki/White Wood Ostrich Detail Toe Nike Dunk Khaki/White Wood Ostrich Detail Close-Up

Where, oh where could these pictures be from?, perhaps? 😉

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Nike + Stussy World Tour Tokyo Edition

Note: Somehow or another, this post became the 4th result on Google for “Nike Stussy World Tour.” I’m sure all you Google visitors are disappointed to learn that this post basically consists of me whining about USC losing to UCLA, so here is a much more useful link to Beinghunted’s feature on the World Tour collaboration, complete with an interview and high-resolution pics. Enjoy! But while you’re here, why not have a look around and leave a comment or two?

I really should have bought these shoes.

Nike + Stussy World Tour

These, in my opinion, are the freshest of the four World Tour collaborations released. I’m not really a huge fan of the Frees as a model in general, so I don’t have much to say about those.

The Dunks, on the other hand, are quite nice. One of the things that makes the World Tour Dunks so fresh is the huge variety of materials and textures used. It can be somewhat difficult to tell from the pictures, but the toebox is premium leather, the side panels are embossed leather, the rear panels are suede, and the swoosh is ostrich.

It sounds almost too busy, and it is. But somehow it works.

As a resident of Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to purchase these shoes this morning, if I were motivated enough to get my ass out of bed and go wait in line for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. Especially in light of USC’s loss to UCLA, I really wish I’d bought these, just so I could say something positive happened in my life today.

Picture snagged from stussystyle.
Other information from BEINGHUNTED.

So what gets your vote for the World Tour’s freshest pair? Black and purple? Olive and red? Brown and green? White and black? Please comment below!