Nike SB P-Rod II Debut (?) Colorways

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Nike SB P-Rod II White Yellow Blue Gray Red

So here we have the Nike SB P-Rod II’s. It would make sense that Nike would bring some strong colors to the table with a new model, and that appears to be exactly what they’ve done. I’m especially feeling the White/Yellow/Blue/ Red/Gray (!) ones pictured above. Now I know that I said the rainbow New Balances were ridiculous, and they still are. I think these P-Rods go just about as far as I can tolerate in terms of color, which is a very good thing. I’m much more a fan of things that are just near the edge of my comfort zone than I am things that are completely normal.

Nike SB P-Rod II Gray Orange Black Green Brown Olive

As far as the shoes in this picture go, I’m feeling the Black/Gray ones. The Green/Brown ones also look very nice, especially because of the gum sole. I’m not so sure about the Brown/Orange ones, though… Pretty boring color combination, if you ask me.

Nike SB P-Rod II Black Gold

Eh. These are okay. Yeah, black and gold is a pretty classic combo, but things that are classic usually aren’t very exciting.

Images and info from SteveGotSteez at the Forum. Tipped off by Hypebeast.


15 responses to “Nike SB P-Rod II Debut (?) Colorways

  1. How much are they gonna cost?

  2. when do they come out?

  3. They come out on March 16.

  4. What will they cost?

  5. Gonna cost 90 bones

  6. The Black/Gray ones are sick

  7. where can i get the black/grat ones at?

  8. where can i get the black/gray ones at?

  9. holy shit, these r banginnnnnn shoes, they shuld make a pair in the ice cream colors…

  10. I Want the black/grey ones. im feelin em’

    P-rod is a sickk skater. where can i get my hands on those p rod 2’s? (grey/black)

  11. these shoes are the bizzle good job

  12. how do i get the black and black ones cuz i already have the the brown and orange ones

  13. ya i wanted to know were can i buy some p rods / marcos hernandez shoe wats da website

  14. When do the white, yellow, red, gray ones come out will they cost the same as the rest of the original p-rods

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