New Balance Super Team 33 (Fish!)

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New Balance Super Team 33

New Balance Super Team 33 Rainbow New Balance Super Team 33 Yellow Black New Balance Super Team 33 Orange

Not so sure how to feel about these. Well, I’m positive as to how I feel about the rainbow ones: Ridiculous. But I feel like the yellow and orange colorways are pretty tight. I think the use of fishscale is pretty awesome, too. The part that gets me, though, is the toebox. I think that the scale treatment they gave them is really a bit much.

Regardless, I’ve always been a fan of New Balance, and I definitely can’t say that they disappoint with these Super Team 33 1400’s… Just that I’m not sure if I’d cop them myself.

Images and info from Hypebeast and 7Inch.

What’s the word? Think they went too far with the fishiness? Not far enough!? Do you actually like those rainbow ones!?!?


2 responses to “New Balance Super Team 33 (Fish!)

  1. Just saw them at the launch party in LA. Crazy break dancing and lotsa people. I dig the orange ones. Could not get my hands on them at the store. Just purchased a pair online. They look much better in real life. Also, nobody has kicks like these…

  2. do u know where i can pick up a pair of the rainbow ones?

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