Ice Cream Boardflip II

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These are looking real fresh…

Ice Cream Boardflip II

The one thing I didn’t like about the original Boardflip is where the Ice Cream icon (the ice cream cone and bones, in this case) was placed. I think this style is much, much better, with the icon on the heel. The only thing I worry about with these is how two-tone versions will look. Looks like maybe the white and green ones have some other accents, but they’re not visible.

Anyway, these shoes embody what I really like about Ice Cream: Simple, fresh design that still manages to push the limits of style through color. Nice work on these, Pharrell (!).

Image via Sneakers N Stuff.

Prefer the original? Prefer to avoid Ice Creams altogether? Prefer to leave a comment?


7 responses to “Ice Cream Boardflip II

  1. every style of icecream sneaker is fresh but more design couldnt hurt. they still fresh

  2. OKAi you should get polka dot ones thay be hott(

  3. these are pretty funcky

  4. Ice cream`s are well good and i would like to get some but i don`t no where to get them if u could get back to me please..Thank you.

  5. ice creams r real fresh…its an original style
    along with the bapes..dats all i rock

  6. Ice Creams are really smart.
    I have the green ones in the picture and they are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn apart from Converse.
    Everyone seems to like them as well, they’re always saying how “cool” and “different” they are.

  7. i have the pink and blue ones ^-^

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